Our services

After a quick and free estimate via our “Make An Appointment” Page or email we can give you a more specific hourly estimate, which is based on the size of your space, time since last cleaning, and any special requests you may have.

General and Deep Cleanings are the same cost per hour. Deep Cleanings are just a longer and more thorough cleaning which adds needed time.

General Cleaning:

  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping
  • Mopping
  • Surfaces wiped down/disinfected/scoured (includes stove range/hood, counters, tiles,
  • sinks, tables, etc…)
  • Total bathroom cleaning (including toilet and tub, but not including shower curtains/
  • liners)
  • General dusting (shelves, window sills, but not including inside windows
  • Hutches, on or around delicate china or other breakables, or inside curio cabinets
  • Windowsills washed (if needed)
  • Light organization
  • Making beds (will change sheets if fresh ones are left on bed)
  • Couches and chairs vacuumed
  • Mirrors
  • Small window by request(windows can be humungous and time consuming)

Deep Cleaning (includes everything done in a general cleaning, plus services *per request* below):

  • Oven scouring
  • Cabinets & drawers (inside, but everything inside must be removed before cleaning)
  • Fridge cleaning (inside)
  • Blinds washed (if needed)*
  • Computer keyboards hand-cleaned and dusted
  • Washing/vacuuming under furniture
  • Hard-to-reach dusting
  • Baseboards and corners vacuumed and/or dusted
  • More difficult special requests

*Please note: blinds take an especially long time to clean or wash, so please understand that if there are many blinds, and/or caked on dust, we may have to break up the time spent cleaning them into two or more cleaning sessions

**Unless half full or less, trash and recycling will be taken out every time, regardless of deep cleaning or general cleaning


  • hand wash dishes (easily breakable)
  • wash windows, unless you need literally just a few smaller ones cleaned (they are time-eaters, and we don’t bring squeegees of any kind)
  • touch plasma/LCD screen televisions
  •  lift or move large furniture (such as a couch or sectional) unless client is at home to help, or there are two team members on site

A Word To The Wise:
We WILL NOT clean your space if you have had any pest infestation (of the insect variety: bed bugs, cockroaches, etc) in the last two years. We have a no-exception policy about this. As you may or may not know, bed bug infestation has become a huge problem in all major cities in the United States, including Chicago. Gingerella Cleaning has never had a incident but to illustrate how serious we are about this topic, let’s just say that if we happen to see any evidence of cockroaches or bed bugs having cohabited with you, we will flat out REFUSE service, then and there. We teach our team members what to look out for regarding these elusive little demons and have refused service because of this situation. This is to keep all of our clients, as well as ourselves, safe from potential infestation. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter. All cleaning tools will be sanitized and completely cleaned using a heat treating at the offender’s expense if any cleaning is done in a space with any infestation.