Products we use

Cleaning Solutions

We exclusively use ENVIROX solutions.

H2Orange2 is an incredible cleaning agent certified to be used in hospitals and homes. We love it and use it in our own homes. Including on Bria’s and Bobby’s daughter’s own toys. It is made of hydrogen peroxide, orange oil, and surfactants (basically salts and soap), a combo that cleans like no other. It is used on 95% of surfaces and doesn’t leave a mark EVER. We use it on table tops, counter tops, windows, floors, you name it.

Miner Shock
Mineral Shock is our magic potion. It cleans toilets, hard water spots, and stainless steel like it was made by a wizard.

When cleaning floors, we can put either Eucalyptus or Lavender Essential Oils per request to add a purifying or relaxing scent to your home as a odoriferous finishing touch.  Here’s some info on essential oils in case you’re interested: Red Sage Health

Microfiber Rags and Mops

Instead of using disposable paper towels, which help litter and fill up landfills, we use microfiber mops made of recycled plastic bottles! These babies are from a company called Knuckle Buster and we love them. We clean these after every use and use about 5-10 per cleaning. These microfiber rags are cleaned using the same H2Orange2 solution that we use in your space. We are very proud of this system and use it in our own home.

The same goes for our microfiber mop system, which is revolutionary. These microfiber mops come from the same company as our microfiber rags. We bring about 3-6 microfiber mops per household and use each of them for about 300 sq ft. These mops velcro to the mop and never go back into the bucket, then are exchanged after use. This means the mop water NEVER gets dirty so only clean water and solution touches your floor. We are in love with this system and if you aren’t then you must use some alien technology that cleans floors using some kind of quantum laser that we want to know about. Please send us a link to this alien quantum laser tech so we can buy it.

Our Vacuums

Our vacuums are the best in the business. We use HEPA-filter German engineered Sebo Felix Vacuums. These vacuums are beautiful works of art. They are versatile, light, and powerful, and HEPA-filter vacuums are the standard for clean-air floor-cleaning in any space.

ANECDOTE:  It has been told to us by our team leader, Misty, that while using her parents’ non-Sebo vacuum she realized that she was absolutely ruined from using every other vacuum because the Sebo Felix is so great.