About us

Who Are These People?

Bob and BriaGingerella Cleaning is a small business, and we like it that way.

Bria and Bobby, co-owners of Gingerella Cleaning, are two people with a passion for living Green. With the arrival of our beautiful daughter Arrow Lula in 2012 (making us a true Mom-and-Pop company) we found even more of a reason to make sure that through environmental responsibility, our home – planet Earth – was a more livable place in the future. We wanted to make a company that we, ourselves, would want to hire, as well as a company we would want to work for (if, in fact, we were to hire ourselves in some alternate reality). Bobby can tell you horror stories about bad bosses (both in real life and video games) that made his life a living hell, and he wanted to change that, making sure that this employees were paid right and considered him a friend and not an A-hole. Bria loves organic (& if at all possible, local) everything – food, cleaning/hair/body products, and essential oils. In fact, she suggested that we use the latter in our mop solutions in order to help purify the air, as well as make your home a lovely, relaxing, and redolent place to come home to. As for their daughter, Arrow Lula currently loves animal noises, going down slides, and drawing on walls and tables. But, as anyone who has experience with children knows, this all could change at any moment.

How Did This Company Start?

A hilariously simple, silly, and true situation:

One fateful day Bria was sweeping our apartment and stated “I wish I could get paid for this.”

Bobby replied, “Wait, why can’t we?”

And BAM! Gingerella Cleaning was born.

It was really that simple (well, kind of). You get the picture.

Bria really does weirdly love sweeping, as she finds it stress-relieving (we actually use the incredible HEPA-filtered, German engineered Sebo Felix Vacuum for our clients).

Where Did The Name Come From?

At the time of the name’s conception, we had two cats: one that was a space cadet and one that is loving yet grumpy, and fat – named Ginger and Ella, respectively. In a moment of brilliance, our dear friend Nicole said, “Hey Ginger-Ella, that sounds like Cinderella!”. We thought it was quite cute and original. While thinking up names for the company, we went through many different ideas: “Green Sea…no, Green Sunshine… that doesn’t make sense, Green Blaster… we sound like an infomercial. What about Gingerella? Hmmm…”

Nowadays Ginger, rest her soul, is likely surfing the great cosmos looking for the God of Catnip and probably the meaning of The Red Dot. And Ella has lightened up a bit, finding new and interesting ways to lay directly in the middle of our kitchen rug while we are trying to do dishes.


Peace Of Mind

This bonded and insured company consists of a small group of professionals. We strive to make sure we have consistent quality by assigning the same crew member to your space every time (unless otherwise requested or because of prior scheduling difficulties). This is to insure that when you come home you find everything beautiful and right as rain.