Gingerella Cleaning

You should be able to walk into your home and smell home, not a crude chemical.

Gingerella Cleaning is a small business, and we like it that way.

We imagine that others (i.e. our hundreds of clients to date) like it that way too. We use awesome-effective eco-friendly products, microfiber rags and mops made from recycled plastic bottles (washed daily in the same hydrogen peroxide and orange oil infused solution we use to clean your beautiful home), and a great every-boss-would-kill-for crew of wonderful people to make sure we bring the best service we can to the people of our community.

We pay our team members a living wage, which is part of the whole picture, we keep them happy so they’ll be happy to be with us and be happy to be helping you. As part of our master plan to take over the world (kidding) by cleaning your space, we send the same team member to clean your space every time. That way you can build a relationship with this person and trust that your space is in good hands. We vet every one of our crew members to make sure they have what it takes to tackle whatever you throw at them. Plus, we like them and we know you will too!

We made this company in the image of sustainability and The Golden Rule. We treat our clients and our planet with the same respect with which we want others to treat us, and with care and love.